Basically, a “Seamless Sealing Floor” is created by filling in all gaps and cracks, grinding down where necessary, and following the 7 to 10 diamond polishing step process, to create a floor with a seamless feel and look.

This thorough and unique procedure is a Marble Maestro exclusive.

Many times marble floors are laid too fast, and the resulting floor is uneven, with sometimes quite obvious height differences between the stone slabs or pieces.

Carefully installing the stones on a floor that does not bounce or flex, and setting down the sections first without glue to properly identify the vein direction, could ensure a smooth floor, but installers often don’t take this necessary care.

If your floor is not smooth, whether it be brand new, or years old, Marble Maestro can sets things right!

The result is what we call a “seamless floor”, and with our exclusive polishing and filling methods your floor can be transformed into an endlessly smooth unbroken surface. And with no more lowered joints to discolor or to fill with dirt, this type of stone floor is easier to maintain.

Best of all, future polishing or “refreshers” are a very easy and non-messy procedure.